Aye, Sea Turtles

I'm Scott, I'm 25 and welcome to my blog. Feel free to stay a while and check it out. I love geekiness, the stars, space, just about anything to do with human progress. I commonly post music, or pictures I might find hilarious or beautiful. I hope you enjoy your stay.

I heard this track over the weekend and now I’m addicted. 

I’ve never been one for dubstep but this song is realllly growing on me…

I got my Visa and My Visa
A diva and her dealer
Bitch I’m up on the guest list with the Swedish House Mafia
You can find me on a table full of vodka and tequila
Surrounded by some bunnies, and it ain’t fuckin’ Easter

I wanna know your name
You just killed me, could you at least do that?