Aye, Sea Turtles

I'm Scott, I'm 25 and welcome to my blog. Feel free to stay a while and check it out. I love geekiness, the stars, space, just about anything to do with human progress. I commonly post music, or pictures I might find hilarious or beautiful. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Ignore the video just check out the mashup. Its pretty damned fantastic.

I heard this track over the weekend and now I’m addicted. 

I got my Visa and My Visa
A diva and her dealer
Bitch I’m up on the guest list with the Swedish House Mafia
You can find me on a table full of vodka and tequila
Surrounded by some bunnies, and it ain’t fuckin’ Easter

I wanna know your name
You just killed me, could you at least do that?

I’m sorry baby. You were the sun and moon to me….

One of my favorites

Sounds about right